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Service Guarantee!

Our service guarantee is simple, to fix it right!

quality guarantee

Our guarantee

We will use the best products, provide the best workmanship, to get you the best results possible!

How long should it last?

We re-polish and re-seal the lens, you can expect the same lasting results had you replaced the polycarbonate lens.

How do you fix it?

We actually sand the damaged polycarbonate (the yellow stuff) off of your lens and re polish it and apply a sealer.

SAND IT? Like sandpaper, sand it? 

Yes sand it. typical headlamp is 5 millimeters thick, the damaged part is about the thickness of a few sheets of paper. (The average paper thickness in 1/10th of a millimeter) We sand off the damaged polycarbonate and use our high speed polisher to bring the polycarbonate plastic lens back to crystal clear. Then we apply a sealer (just like the factory does) to the lens. Our service provides long lasting repair for your lens.

HELP! My lens has cracks!

Although durable some polycarbonate lens crack because of bulb heat. You can see thousands of small short cracks. Although we can not ‘un’ crack your lens, we can get the cracks to blend better and not be as noticeable.

Although we can repair most lens, some we can’t.  Some cracks allow water to damage the inside of the lens. You can see the damage when you see dirt or damage to the chrome or mirroring on the inside of the lens. With that said we can still make the worse lens look 90% better.

We will tell you before we start what kind of results you can expect.

See Better - Drive Safer!