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Refund Policy

Please Read Our Refund Policy!

Please read our no refund policy. We do not offer a product we offer a service. There is no way to refund labor. You can not return any labor or service performed by our technician(s).

Keep in mind we are trying to fix or polish a damaged lens and in some cases the lens is beyond repair. After contacting us we will tell you before starting the repair what you can expect, but that is a best case scenario.

We will do our best to repair and polish your lens, the LABOR doing that is what you are paying for, trying to repair a damaged lens. The outcome or clarity is not guaranteed.

No refunds are offered on any service.

We stand behind our products and services and your satisfaction is important to us. However, the tech is trying to repair a lens that is already hazy or cloudy. 

That is service performed or labor. Therefore we offer no refunds.

no refund policy