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Headlight Polishing Restoration

Headlight Polishing & Restoration Of Cloudy Headlights Covers To Crystal Clear. At Affordable Prices.

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Headlight Polishing & Restoration

Our 5 step Headlight Polishing Restoration Service.

  1. Taping the polycarbonate plastic lens off to protect the painted areas around the lens.
  2. Cleaning the built up grime off of the lens.
  3. Lightly sanding out imperfections with super fine grit sanding pads. 
  4. Polish the lens to crystal clear using our high speed polisher.
  5. Apply a UV coating/sealer to keep the lens clear and bright! 

Remember, wipe on products last a few days max and deliver even clouder results when it wears off. Do not cut corners with your safety.

The headlight lens covers on most current vehicles are constructed using a lightweight, but durable, polycarbonate plastic. When the Plastic get scratched and foggy your vehicle looks old as well.

We restore your headlights to a near-new condition making your vehicle look great! In other words we strive for a minimum 90% to 95% clearer lens while achieving 99-100% restoration on most lens. We will tell you before we start what kind of results you can expect. 

According to Google Search or Bing, the cost of replacing a vehicles worn and fading headlight lens can run as much as $300 – $1200 per headlight!

headlight restoration

Are Your Headlights On?

Selling your vehicle? Trading it in?

Get the most value by servicing the headlights first.

Ensure Your Safety

Cloudy or yellowing headlight lenses may significantly reduce the usefulness of any headlights, even if the bulb is brand new. A headlight lens restoration can make your front lights bright again, shining like new.

Dark or poorly lit roads are nowhere you want yourself or a loved one to be with dim headlights. Add a little inclimate weather and you are asking for trouble.

Restoring headlights and boosting visibility is always a safe and economical choice. 

We restore cloudy, dim, foggy, and yellowed headlights.

Service Areas - Pendleton, Hermiston, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Yakima.

See Better - Drive Safer!